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Britain's Little Bear. Why should we care?

Here is the link to our latest webinar. Speakers were Dr Ian Redmond a conservatioist, Dominic Dyer from the Badger Trust, Mark Pawsey MP and Craig Fellowes on wildlife crime.

Brian May, Badgers and the Gatcombe Project

Please find a link here to Brian May's findings on working with a dairy farmer to eradicate bTB on his Devon farm. It suggests that cattle infect badgers and not vice versa, but read the article and make your own mind up.


WBG undertakes vaccination of badgers in years when the vaccine is available and also when we are permitted to do it, in conjunction with Covid-19 distancing measures.

Badgers NOT a key source of Bovine Tb.

The Badger Trust has today welcomed the long awaited release of the Badgers Found Dead Study (BFDS), with results that clearly support the Trust’s view that badgers are not a reservoir host for bovine TB, but rather a spillover host. Read here.

HS2 and Badgers

We get a lot of messages about the way HS2 are dealing with the countryside and in particular to do with badgers. HS2 have a licence to do badger sett work and we have found no procedures that have caused us any concern.

Dominic Dyer resigns

The Badger Trust are looking for a new CEO after Dominic Dyer has handed in his resignation. In the meantime Dawn Varley will be acting CEO.

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